Hopelessly and Helplessly Worried

“Presently, am going through some hard times financially and emotionally. I made some bad investments earlier in the year that am just trying to sort out, may Allah help me. Also, am 28 and unmarried and am having difficulty getting a man with deen that would encourage me more. I was born a muslim but early this year I took my shahadah again and became more devoted IA though am not totally there yet but am striving and I pray not to backslide. All these things get me hopelessly n helplessly worried and I pray day and night but I also think I need a good muslim to talk to. I need advice and special dua. Pls assist me. Would appreciate ur response. I feel spiritually down often especially wen I do nothing more than to observe the five daily obligatory prayers. I want to be a good muslimah. JazakAllah Khairan!”

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As some may have heard from a previous story of mine on Twitter, I was almost arrested in South Carolina for praying in public. In short, me and a few brothers decided to pray Maghrib at a strip mall on a Sunday afternoon. We were abruptly stopped and threatened by local police officers for praying in public. It was a pretty intense day, but I’ll save that story for another post!

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