Why THEY Hate Us

So, one day I was visiting the Dome of the Rock in Palestine. I have a few family members left who reside there and had traveled with my father. After praying Asr one day, I quietly soaked everything in. The people. The smell. The vibrant sun. Everything, including the bullet holes I happened to see on the outside wall of the Masjid.

I ran my fingers through the holes. Evidently, there was a crazy man who murdered Muslim worshipers while they prayed in the Mosque some time before. Either way, I was just fixated.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old man staring at me. I tried to ignore him, but he persisted. He must have noticed I wasn’t from around there because I was wearing American clothes and a baseball cap, flipped backwards. Ok, so I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I asked him, “Can I help you with something?”

He replied, “Come with me.”

Now, I was confused. Nothing new there! Here’s a 75-year-old man who wants me to follow him. In Palestine. Random.

I figured if he jumped me, I could take him, so I went with him. Yes, that really crossed my mind. Anyway, we walked back into the Mosque and into a back room. It was kind of creepy, but whatever. I let him lead the way.

Why did he single me out? Why did he want me to follow him? We went into a room that was full of boxes and old items. He brought a plastic container towards me and set it on a table. He asked, “Do you know why we hate America?” I didn’t respond, and surely wasn’t going to say, “Because you hate our freedom?”

He looked through me with deep blue eyes that have seen too much. He proceeded to open the lid of the container in front of him. In this box were shells. No, not the ones you find at the beach on a warm, sunny day.

These were bullet shells, and on them said, “Made in the USA”.

By: Nader

7 thoughts on “Why THEY Hate Us”

  1. Mashallah! This exact story happened to me while visiting Jerusalem. In masjid al aqsa they even have the bullets and tear gas thrown at them in displays. I am also am an American born Palestinain and I love America and our freedom. Yet, our media brainwashes us to think America is an angel when in reality they have largley funded most of the terror occuring in the world.


  2. I read a lot of the articles in this blog they are all great, very inspiring, and educative. The way you narrate is very interesting. This article caught my attention and left me with goosebumps. I also like how there is a description or tafsiir for the quruan. I just want to thank you for writing all those great things msha. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRA


  3. I always had meet people who want to talk (unknown people) until now avoided them by i think i should start putting my trust in Allah always that is what i learned from the post , Allhumdulillah , so i could experience or explore more . hmmm…..


  4. I honestly do not remember what happened after. I do remember being stunned and speechless. I probably didn’t say anything, smiled, and walked out. That’s how I normally react to shocking news. We definitely didn’t have dinner together. That much, I can tell you.


  5. From what I have read from your blog, I have enjoyed every bit. To specifically respond to this excerpt I must say it left me thinking. I’m sure when you travel the world you get that a lot, being a Muslim from the USA… People wonder “which side is he really on?” And in the same way that not all Jews are “bad” neither are all Americans… But the human mind has a bad habit of generalising and stereotyping, which is most unfortunate… The Palestinian man had a valid point though, but don’t hate the country… hate the deed… Seeing as your blog entry ended there, I’d like to ask what was your reaction/response to what he had shown you…


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