Perks of Being a Muslim!

So, I’ll keep this story short and sweet. Anyway, my wife and I were driving home on New Year’s eve, last year. We happened to come across a sobriety checkpoint. You know, the one where you suddenly come across some traffic when you least expect it.

So, we were at the end of the line when we noticed Police activity. They were checking for drunk drivers, which I totally support. Those bastards! So selfish.

But I digress. We watched a bunch of cars make quick u-turns where it is obviously not permitted, and then watched cops on motorcycles chase them down. Can you be any MORE guilty?

Of course, being Muslim and prohibited from drinking alcohol, we were just enjoying the view of red and blue lights. The Police were thoroughly checking each vehicle and making people come out of their cars so that they can search their vehicles while other officers gave them breathalyzer tests if they perceived it as warranted.

After some time, it was our turn. I don’t know why I felt nervous. Police officers always make me feel as though I’ve done something wrong. I turned to my wife and said, “Quick, hide the beer!” For a second, she was like, “What?!” I then started laughing. She punched me in the shoulder, and it hurt. She has a killer right hook ๐Ÿ™‚

So anyway, the cop came to my window while another walked around with a flashlight around the passenger side peering through the windows. The officer took one look at my beard and one look at my wife’s Hijab and said, “Muslims don’t drink, and I’m not even going to ask. Have a safe night!”.

That’s it? We were in and out of that checkpoint in about 30 seconds. We didn’t have to get out of our vehicle, nor did they search it.

Ah, the perks of being a Muslim may be few these days, but they DO exist!

18 thoughts on “Perks of Being a Muslim!”

    1. Yeahh ! And this story actually indicates how Muslims are actually very peaceful. See, we dont drink. And so, we’re less likely to cause troubles and injure others. And without alcohol, clearly we’re better at making decisions. I feel very good right now :DDDD


  1. Subhanallah. It happens in a non-muslim country.

    Agreeing with Syaimsyaim, since i am from the same country where we have so many (majority) muslims but can’t tell which one is a muslim which one is not. Don’t wanna be all judgmental but I’ve seen muslim who drinks alcohol and eats pork as easy as they breathe. When I try to talk some sense to them they just replied: yeah, i know. I’m still full of errors but I’m still young so there’s plenty of time for taubat.



  2. I was also stopped at a check point and thought Alhamdulilah, no need to worry “I don’t drink alcohol” but then I got a ticket for busted tail light lol. the police can give you a ticket for anything.


  3. in my country, although many Muslims, but could not tell which one is Muslim which one is not Muslim, because a lot of brothers and sisters here, do not wear hijab, and drinking alcohol

    5 days ago, there was the incident, a woman driver had hit 13 people, 9 of them were killed instantly. and the fact was, she and 3 other her friends just came back from drug and alcohol party. All the people who were there and who watched from TV mad at her and her friends.. u can search in Youtube ->


  4. Yea ., there is a lot of perks of being a Muslim …. And that’s one of them .. And not all the perks can be noticeable ๐Ÿ˜‰ but we can see it when we look to non- Muslims lifes


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