Raz … Blogs?

Salaam ūüôā

That’s right! RAZ. BLOGS. Raz tweeted, Raz instagrammed, Raz even vined. Now, thanks to BonsaiSky aka Nader, looks like Raz will start to blog, InshaAllah. Just when you thought I couldn’t torture the world any more…

I’m new to this whole thing – so please bear with me. I hope I can bring some of the humour and inspiration you see in my tweets into the domain of blogs. Of course, all of this will still be very much inter-woven with the essence of Islam – the very core of our existence.¬†I’m not a scholar¬†nor do I¬†claim to even be in a position to guide or advise.¬†Goodness, I feel I’m the very antithesis to that.¬†God knows I’m nowhere near a good example,¬†but I can certainly share my experiences and viewpoints with the world. A practical, human¬†viewpoint from a man with a basic understanding of his Deen.¬†The rest is for you¬†all to take or leave (or share!). Of course, from time to time, some posts may be on random topics – we’ll see how it goes!

He (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Entertain your hearts, for hearts become blind when they are tired” (Al-Bukhari)

Those who have been following me on Twitter (@raztweets)¬†know that I focus a lot of my content on humorous, light-hearted concoctions – mostly¬†grounded in¬†life experiences. That’s why this hadith connects with me on such a personal level. We’re all tired. We’re all tested and fatigued from worldly events down to our personal struggles. If you’re looking for politics, news, war, famine, death,¬†inter-faith tension – you don’t have to¬†go far. Everyone talks about it.¬†Everyone requisitely¬†tweets about it, or incessantly update¬†their statuses with it.¬†We live in a world that is essentially¬†imploding¬†with¬†trials and tribulations.¬†Look out your window and there are few reasons to smile, step inside your house and the¬†daily stresses of life weigh¬†you down. Turn on your phone and all of the above are implicit in ruining your day.¬†We need relief in our day to day lives. I want to contribute towards that relief. We need reminders of all that is beautiful, all that distracts us – day to day human interactions and relationships, common problems at a personal level, shared experiences.¬†At least we may¬†temporarily rise¬†from¬†the depth of¬†our sadness and concerns. I need reminding and I want to remind¬†– because in turn this lessens the burden on my own heart.

I’m an ordinary Muslim, a sinner – guilt-ridden, ambition-driven. Whilst I do believe in the power of the sound of laughter,¬†one cannot under-play the¬†weight of inspiration and reminders. That’s what Islam is – a faith¬†sent to remind the¬†forgetful. There are numerous beautiful scholars of our time, under-taking the impossible task of reforming millions of people who just keep¬†running in opposite directions. A chaotic mess. Let’s help them, by first helping each other, with whatever it takes. Let’s take¬†it¬†easy, but let’s¬†try and focus on one direction (SUPER META REFERENCE).

Before you read what I have to say over the coming blogs, here’s what you can do. Let your heart breathe. Break out of¬†the intricate web of concerns and distresses in your life for a short while. Know that in the end, believers re-unite, and that nothing in this world is greater than that thought. Does anything else matter after that?¬†We are Muslims, but we are humans with human pitfalls and shortcomings. If we understand this, then perhaps our predilection to judge others may somewhat dissipate. That by the way, is a disclaimer to my future blogs – just saying.

After Islam, my wife and children, my family, are central driving forces in my life. They’re my inspiration and they’re what I pray for in this life and the hereafter. So, expect content on the challenges of seeking partners, raising children and just trying to balance family, work, social media and hobbies. It’s not easy, and I don’t have¬†all the¬†answers – but perhaps we can talk about it together? Those who have followed me for years, will know my passion for¬†The Arts, Film-making¬†and Media. You can count on a few blogs encompassing my views on this and why I think the Muslim world needs to dive in to this universe ASAP.

I’ve always endeavoured to balance my content with culture, humour, family life, Islam, entertainment (of all sorts) and absolutely any random topic whatsoever. Expect my blogs to follow in the same vein.

Forgive me for what I may say, or what I may have said. I’m a Muslim in a world that is¬†persistently trying to challenge and question¬†that¬†definition.¬†I’m the imperfect representation of a perfect religion. I’m just trying to blog, like how I would like to be blogged.

By: RazBlogs

5 thoughts on “Raz … Blogs?”

  1. “Let your heart breathe. Break out of the intricate web of concerns and distresses in your life for a short while”

    Truer words could not be spoken. I am looking forward to your pieces that will allow me to remove myself from the stresses of life. You have a great way with words.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. heeeeeeey you .
    i just want to say something , you have no idea how many times your posts on instagram made me lough !
    i wish you had happiness as much as you made people lough

    Liked by 2 people

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