Why I am not a Christian

Don’t worry, I’m not going put you to sleep with verses from the Qur’an and Bible. Anyone can Google Ahmed Deedat or Zakir Naik for in-depth comparative religion analysis. Religion/faith, in general, can be a pretty sensitive topic. In the end, it’s a private affair. Well, sort of.

Let me begin this post by saying, I do not harbor any ill feelings towards anyone. The only way you can get me to dislike you is if you harm or injure an innocent soul. Actually, if there is one slice of pizza left in a box and you take it, you’re probably on my spam hit list.

Now, I know there are numerous errors in the Bible. I know it has over 40 different authors. I know Jesus never claimed divinity. I know that Catholics possess seven books in their Bible that the Protestants deem apocryphal. I used to attend Bible study as a teen. Yes, I have read the Bible. In fact, studied it with Christians. My best friend was a Methodist, so I’d tag along to all his Church functions. Knowing all this is besides the point for me. I can quote verse after verse, but that won’t accomplish anything if no one is open to let the other in.

I’m not telling anyone what to believe. I’m not even telling you to become a Muslim. I’m just saying, try to be open about listening to what the other has to say. If your faith is really that strong, you shouldn’t have a problem with a little civil discourse. In the end, you believe what you want to believe.

I have no doubt that people genuinely believe Jesus (peace be upon him) is God. I’m not questioning anyone’s faith, but I will question the Faith. This post is not about why I am a Muslim, so I won’t go there (for now). Even if I wasn’t a Muslim, I wouldn’t be a Christian. The reason for that is I cannot fathom the thought of a created being, who ate, drank, walked the earth, slept, and wept like the rest of us, can possibly be THE God of the Heavens and the Earth. It just doesn’t register for me. Logically, God is Infinite. Mankind is finite. That’s what makes God, God, and what makes humans, human.

You see, if I held an object you’ve never seen before out in front of you and asked you what it was, you may take a few guesses, but you’d probably be wrong. We only know what things are because we give them names, attributes, and definitions. Every book that claims to be from God, provides a definition of God. If that definition of God claims He’s Infinite, then giving Him finite attributes goes against the definition provided in said scripture. Capisci?

Let’s run through a quick exercise.

Let’s say, you walk into a room and there’s a glass of water on one end of a table. You leave the room for a few minutes and return, only to find the glass of water on the other end of the table. My question to you is this, how did the cup end up on the other end of the table? Naturally, you’re going to think someone entered the room while you were away and moved it, right? The thought of a cup growing legs and simply walking over to the other side never crossed your mind, why? I’ll tell you why. We know inanimate objects don’t move without someone or something moving them. How do we know? Well, because that’s how we define inanimate objects. They have attributes. So do we. And guess what, so does He.

By: Nader

9 thoughts on “Why I am not a Christian”

  1. I see your logic but my thought process is…You are choosing to believe in a supernatural God that has created mankind, the earth, and galaxies etc etc yet He has limitation to His realm and not ours. It’s not because a book tells me but because I encounter Him on a daily basis. A God that can work the miracles to change the grades of a college student who has encountered a crisis in life I think could put legs on a glass so it could move to the other end of the table lol.

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    1. He could put legs on a glass, so that it could move to the other end of the table, but He doesn’t. That’s my point lol. We don’t limit God. He limits Himself to doing Godly things. Becoming finite when He, Himself, informs people that He is Infinite is a logical fallacy at best. Can God be unjust? Sure, He could be because God is capable of all things, but He won’t be unjust. Why? Because He is God and does Godly things. Hope I’m making sense.

      By the way, I completely understand experiencing God. All spiritual people do, but Abrahamic faiths are rooted in scripture, which is why we must refer to the source (revelation) when cultivating our beliefs. Thanks for reading bro.

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      1. Is that statement that “He limits himself” a limitation you are placing on Him? How did you come to this understanding and what do you define as Godly things? Is there a clear scripture you have read that says this is Godly and this isn’t? For me, I haven’t encountered any scripture that says this is or isn’t Godly apart from “sin” issues. We are debating infinite principles with finite minds therefore if you go on logic either everything is possible or nothing is. Unless it’s something that goes against His nature and principles which He says will never change then either everything is possible or all of this is rubish. God is love and what better representation then choosing your son as the sacrifice to restore the ultimate standard of intimate relationship with a Father that is absolutely in love with His kids.


        1. No, it’s not a limitation I am placing on Him. Let’s take a look at an example in the Bible and apply some logic. In 1 Corinthians 14:33 it says, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” After reading that verse, can God be the author of confusion, yes or no? Obviously the answer is no because if the scripture says God is not the author of confusion, and then He confuses people with His scripture, then that becomes a contradiction. Like I said, He limits Himself.

          Also, yes, we are finite, but God didn’t provide us with the ability to reflect, contemplate, and apply logic and reason for nothing. Is there any other type of logic we’re supposed to be using? Scripture was sent to guide mankind, not lead them astray. What good is the guidance if we’re not supposed to understand Him, even at the most rudimentary level of our intellect and comprehension?

          Moreover, God becoming a man does go against His very nature. He is eternal. Man is finite, unless you have a different definition that I’m not aware of. Let me give you an example from the Qur’an. In chapter 112 it says, “Say, He is God, [who is] One, God, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” For Muslims, this is a clear-cut definition of what God is, and what He isn’t. Defined by who? God, Himself. Therefore, if God then becomes a man, He breaks the limits He has set on Himself.

          I also agree that God is Love, but He’s also The Judge. That’s why there is a Heaven and a Hell. I don’t want to misunderstand you, nor do I want you to misunderstand me. The only real point of contention between the Muslims and the Christians in regards to theology is the divinity of Jesus. If you say God is love, then we both agree. If you tell me that Jesus is also god, then this is where we will have to agree to disagree.

          Lastly, I do not view the human sacrifice of an innocent man for the sins of others, as loving. If there are twins, and one commits murder, can you punish the other twin in his stead?

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  2. I was raised a Catholic and went to Catholic grade school. I always loved God and Jesus, but always had doubts about Jesus being the son of God and more doubts about the Holy Spirit? I never really said anything, just went along with the program for my Father and Grandparents sake. After leaving Catholic school and going onto public H.S. all was put in the back of my mind, except God. He would stay with me all my life until I started to learn about Islam. I am studying now to become a Muslim and I am so thankful to finally know the truth. Hamdullah.

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  3. Very, very well written. You’ve proved your point without backing it up with any Islamic or Quraanic reference. Simple language and 100% logic based. Due to these things, this should be food for thought for the more open-minded Christians.

    And yes, I’m posting this comment because I truly care.

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