The Muslim Secret

The Islamic secret isn’t too different from the best-selling “The Secret” based on the Law of Attraction. According to the latter, the secret is “to ask, to believe and to receive” – that positive thinking alone could give you pretty much anything you ever dared to hope for.

But we knew that already, because it’s actually a Muslim thing.

As Muslims we are supposed to have the best expectations of Allah’s Mercy and Generosity at all times, and to be entirely convinced that He will meet and surpass our excellent opinion of Him.

Given that Allah owns the universe and can make anything happen just by saying Be, it makes sense to work on our expectations of Him, the way followers of “The Secret” religiously work on their visualization and positive thinking.

I could make this all about me and give a whole bunch of examples from my own life as “proof” of how simply transforming your expectations of Allah not only can, but will transform your life. How the impossible becomes possible, how dreams become reality. Sometimes overnight.

But don’t take it from me, take it from Allah Himself and His Messenger .

In an authentic (and awesome) hadith qudsi, Allah says:

“I am as My servant thinks/ expects Me to be.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (6856) and Sahîh Muslim (4832)]

The Prophet Muhammad said:

“When you beseech Allah in supplication, be convinced that He will answer you.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî (3401)]

He also said:

“None of you should ever die except while assuming the best about Allah.” [Sahîh Muslim (5125)]

There are also mentions in the Qur’an of people who thought less than the best about Allah and it sounds pretty bad when He says it Himself:

“Another party was stirred to anxiety by their own feelings, moved by wrong suspicions of Allah – suspicions due to ignorance.” [Sûrah Al `Imrân: 154]

Or in the words of words of His prophet Jacob (peace be upon him):

“Never despair of Allah’s mercy. No one despairs of Allah’s mercy except the unbelieving people.” [Sûrah Yûsuf: 87]

Ibn al Qayyim (may Allah have Mercy upon him) claims that it’s the majority of people who have a low opinion of Allah:

“Most people – in fact, all of them except those protected by Allah – assume other than the truth, and assume the worst. Most people believe that they are deprived of their rights, have bad luck, deserve more than what Allah gave them, and it is as if they are saying: ‘My Lord has wronged me and deprived me of what I deserve,’ and his soul bears witness to this while his tongue denies it and refuses to openly state this. And whoever digs into his soul and comes to know its ins and outs will see this in it like fire in a triggered explosion…And if you dig into anyone’s soul, you will see that he blames fate and would rather have something else happen to him than what actually did, and that things should be this way or that…” [Zad al-Ma’ad]

Or Shaytan might convince you that you don’t actually deserve any good things to happen in your life, that you should be resigned to a lifetime of suffering, patiently endure a mediocre or miserable life until you die. That you’re too useless a person to be able to hope for Allah’s Mercy and Generosity, too sinful to even bother asking Him for blessings like happiness, love, success, or for events to transpire in your favour.

Sound familiar? The good news is that you don’t have to be like this. In case you missed the point of all this, the secret is to ask Him. Maybe at first you won’t have much conviction in His immediate response, but keep asking Him for good expectations of Him anyway. Ask Him at all the special times – after salah, while it’s raining, while travelling, during the last third of the night.

And once He blesses you with good expectations of Him, and amazing things start happening in your life, please remember me in your du’a, too.

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