I Found My Voice

Those who have been subjected to domestic abuse are often referred to as having suffered in silence. Though our voices may be silent, I can assure you that the words behind our silence are screaming to be heard.

I cut through my silence and found my voice in the words of a poem. A friend of mine once said to me that there is always justice in poetry. My poetry gave me justice by being the voice behind my silence; a silence which echoed for over four testing years.

Because You Love Me

The hands that once held me
Fell harsh upon my face
But it’s okay because you love me
The feet that had once walked miles for me
Now kick me with disgrace
But it’s okay because you love me
The mouth that would speak to me with such love
To curse, now never retaliates
But it’s okay because you love me

A Story She Would Never Tell

She loved him more than she loved life itself
Believing he would change
She never cried out for help
Rather than seeing his true colours
She took the blame upon herself
Blinded by her love for him
She under his spell
Silenced under his wrath
A story he knew she would never tell
If he couldn’t love her for what she was
He made sure nor could anyone else


The echoes of her conscience telling her this was wrong
The echoes of her strength pleading for her to move on
The echoes of her soul screaming out in rage
The echoes of her cries, screaming out in rage
The echoes of the words that cut her so deep
The echoes of the drops that she would then bleed
The echoes of her heart as he dropped it to shatter
The echoes of her soul screaming why do I not matter
The echoes of his fist being raised to her face
The echoes of kicks that bruise around her waist
The echoes of those screams still resound in my head
When I would beg and I would plead
But you still left me for dead

Poems submitted by: @p_oetic_justice (MW Guest)

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