A Child’s Smile

Checkpoint after checkpoint
Blockade after blockade with soldiers on all sides, heavily equipped and ready to oppress
As the sun starts to rise, so do their weapons

They say the enemy is relentless and a threat to our existence
That enemy is 9 year old Yusuf, who’s peaking through a bullet hole behind a nearby wall
Armed with a flag and a hand full of stones, his heart is twice the size of any bulletproof wearing, apartheid condoning, trigger happy, so called ‘soldier’
But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t felt any pain …

He covers his ears every single time he hears the sound of a plane
Living in a rundown house with no roof to stop the rain
Can you imagine what’s going on inside of this 9 year old’s brain?
His mother calls him back inside as his 11 year old sister Layla gives award worthy speeches to news crews about how she misses going to school and why she demands peace in this city torn to pieces

Can you imagine how they feel?

Sharing shoes with rips and holes on both heels
Their only playground was turned into a graveyard
And shell castings decorate their front yard
How can they not be physically and emotionally scarred?
A child’s life is supposed to be easy, not the epitome of hard
And yet, with all of that adversity and an environment so hostile, they still find time to laugh and play for a while
Because no trial or tribulation can ever take away a child’s smile

Poem by: @RasheedsView (MW Guest)

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