Remember to Remind

For several days I was working on a project at work that was rather difficult. It took a lot of organizing, planning and follow ups to make sure it was done right. When it was finally completed last week, I was really happy with how it turned out. The documents were typed correctly, the clients seemed happy and it was done in a quick manner – all good things.

Since it was completed, I was honestly expecting a follow-up email from the clients thanking me for all my hard work. I thought my work would be recognized, and that I would be showered with words of praise. Only that didn’t happen. Not one word. Not an email, a phone call, a pigeon bringing me a note, nothing. And it upset me quite a bit. On my walk home from work yesterday, I started thinking about why these clients didn’t acknowledge me at all – I began to steam. I was angry, swearing in my mind, thinking “How dare they!” I went home all grouchy and kept thinking again and again as to why I wasn’t recognized for my hard work. I always thank people for helping me, so why can’t everyone be like that?

This morning, the remnants of my steam-fest still lingered with me and I was still feeling a twinge of anger. I decided to open Twitter to pass the time when I saw these tweets by this blog’s very own Twitter account: “If we seek our reward from our Lord, our good intentions will not be wasted simply because someone else did not appreciate them. Some people will never appreciate what you do for them. Do things for Him, not for him and her and it will bother you no more.”

SubhanAllah! This statement was exactly what I needed to read and it came at the perfect time. Actually, this happens a lot. Whenever I’m upset or having a bad day, there is always something that appears on my social media accounts that makes me feel better. I honestly feel this is Allah’s way of being Merciful towards me and pushing me to be the best version of myself. And that was exactly what happened here – it’s not like me to be angry and think all negative and Allah knows that. He knows me better then I know myself. By having that tweet appear on my timeline, it reminded me to remember Him, do things only for Him and to make dua for the reward to be there.

Of course, I would love to hear some positive reinforcement, but I have to remember that I shouldn’t do things for people. Most of the time people disappoint, so to avoid the heartache and the steam-fests, I need to shift my focus, my thinking, and do everything with the intention to make Allah happy. Now that I’ve placed this thought in my mind, I no longer feel hurt and I am content that if my Lord is happy with me, nothing else matters.

The past few months have been a struggle for me emaan-wise and I’m slowly working on getting back to the old Miriam whose heart is full of love for the deen and less for the dunya. Reminders like the above tweets are what I need to get me there.

So, if you’re reading this and you once thought “Should I tweet something positive? I don’t want to become a quotes account”, please just tweet it. You’ll definitely help someone, somewhere. Trust me.

By: Miriam (MW Contributor)

2 thoughts on “Remember to Remind”

  1. I trust you! Simply because this writing helped me…. As I’m sure it did many…
    It takes one person and perhaps one word to show you the light…
    Thank you Miriam for this wonderful reminder
    May we always remember to never forget….

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