Footsteps in Paradise

Abu Jahl be whipping
Wounds be bleeding
Relentlessly uttering
His ﷻ name, The All Hearing ﷻ

Ahad! He’s exclaiming
A pain so excruciating
His conviction increasing
His status elevating

Allah ﷻ be grinning
Angels be singing
Muhammad ﷺ be praising
While Bilal be hymning

A fire that’s blazing?
A gong that’s ringing?
Nay, a companion is dreaming
Of words for exclaiming

On the Ka’bah he’s climbing
Hands up to his ears he’s lifting
To the prayer he’s calling
As the Prophet’s ﷺ Mu’adhin

His Lord he’s glorifying
His faith he’s testifying
Prophethood he isn’t denying
A success so sanctifying

How is it, Bilal, I’m hearing
The sound of you walking
Before me and my following
In a Garden so compelling?

In wudhu I be living
Oh Rasul ﷺ of The Forgiving ﷻ
Two rak’ats I be praying
For Him, The All Loving ﷻ

Poem by: @ophthomar (MW Guest)

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