Gone before This World Even Let Them Live

Complete rage. That’s what I feel.

It’s been over a month now and I still don’t know what words can help express myself, my emotions about the Chapel Hill shootings. And day by day, I see more and more shootings filling my news-feed. Muslims. Blacks. Latinos. Victims. Gone before this world even let them live.

And they ask me why I am a feminist. And they ask me how can I be Muslim and feminist. Because of injustice like this.

Because of the brutal disease of violence that ravages this country and takes away beautiful souls from us. Souls that God wanted to return to Him, to His eternal abode of happiness. I am still waiting on seeing the Divine reason behind this. And I am praying for it. The soul that resides in my being yearns to abandon the helplessness that drags me down.

Babies born to mothers of color are immediately given a death sentence by mass shootings and police brutality–this is infanticide. THIS is why we need feminism. For my babies. For our hopes and dreams that they will giggle under a storm of tickles. That our kisses will make their booboos go away. That we will see them graduate. That we will see them love. That we will see them contribute to a society that nurtured them.

I want my girls to grow proud and strong and outspoken and stubborn, embodying the example of womanhood that Khadija (ra) has given us. I want my boys to grow into real men, passionate and empathetic, reflecting my Prophet’s Sunnah.

But that is stripped from me, from my husband, from all of us.

I am a Muslim, I am a feminist, for my children. All I want is to believe that they have a chance in this life. To serve God. To do good.

Justice is Godly. And Justice will come.

By: Sinseriously (MW Contributor)

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