What Life Is All About

My daughter said this to me tonight as we wrapped up our evening: “I love our mommy and daughter times. I mean it’s fun when daddy is here, but it’s also nice when it’s just the two of us”. I decided that on a random Wednesday we were going to go to the bookstore and then for dinner. She had a great time, chatting with me about school, what she’s learning and the things she likes. At almost 8 years old, Kay is an actual person. She has her likes, dislikes and things she’s passionate about. Two of them are reading and Turkish food – so tonight I combined the two and she was quite happy.

My parenting style has always been about wanting to make memories with her. Because she is our only child, I am able to give Kay my undivided attention and really get to know her as a person. It hasn’t always been easy because I work full time and schedules always prevent me doing something fun with her. But when the opportunity strikes, I try to do something with her that will make her happy and ultimately leave an impression on her for years to come.

As I look at her, I can’t get over how much time has passed. Where did my little premature 3 pound 8 ounce munchkin go? When did she get so tall? When did our relationship shift from caretaker to friends? SubhanAllah, it’s amazing. Being a parent has been a roller-coaster of a journey yet nights like this really make me appreciate my little buddy. I sat there in the restaurant across from her and watched her eat; she’s never been able to use a fork quite well, but tonight she did. She picked up every grain of rice and ate it with ease. I couldn’t help but smile and be proud of who she has become – a kind-hearted, goof ball, well mannered kid. My heart became filled with even more love for her.

This is what life is all about. Yes, it gets hard, it gets scary and it gets frustrating. I’ve struggled financially, emotionally and even physically, but for tonight none of that mattered. Tonight, it was about remembering that when Allah allowed me to become a mom, He entrusted me with a human being. By making these memories with her, as small as it may seem, I’m showing her that she matters regardless of what happens in my life and it’s important that she knows that. Those smiles, those laughs, watching her choose what book she wanted to buy and hearing her say “Mommy, I’m stuffed” was great. I thank Allah for it all.

And the best part of the night? The waiter at the restaurant thought Kay was my sister. She makes me happy and people think I look young. Not a bad compromise.

By: @MiriamMahmood (MW Contributor)

7 thoughts on “What Life Is All About”

  1. Wonderful story for mothers! There is a wonderful special bond between mothers and daughters, that’s like no other. More to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I can’t wait to see where our relationship goes when she gets older. I could never imagine having a son haha. Thank you for reading and relating!


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