Release Me

I cannot grow until I stop the flow
of poison pumping through my veins.
I cannot fly until I find the key
to finally unlock these chains.
I cannot heal until I stop
going near my source of pain.
I cannot find peace until
I give my Lord the reigns.

Can the scar that’s been
reopened ever truly heal?
Can the heart which has be hardened
ever remember how to feel?
When the heart knows its true home
this world no longer seems real.
And the shimmer and temptation
will no longer hold appeal.

I won’t survive unless I strive
to stop the poison spreading.
And every stride leads me nearer
towards the brink of repenting.
I thought I was strong, but it
turns out I was simply pretending.
We need to strive for our eternal home;
The time which has no ending.

In the early hours of the dawn
I make a promise to my Lord.
I promise to strive to follow Him,
In my actions, thoughts, and words.

For would I be able to stand
if my Lord hadn’t given me feet?
Had He not provided light,
which means would I use to see?
Would I even be alive,
if He hadn’t taught me how to breath?
We think we’re clever, yet the truth remains,
that we seldom see.
We ignore the very thing,
we’re all quite sure we’ll meet.

Man wounds himself with
the sword in his own hand.
Battle scars decorate our skin for
we enjoy this world with no protection
We wander lost, when all this time
a Light points us towards the right direction.
Don’t we know that our Lord’s plan
is the only source of true perfection?
And any doubt you hold of it,
is simply self-projection.

Every soul will have what it has earned,
we face the lessons yet we seldom learn.
to strive for the home to which we’ll return.
to the home for which all souls yearn.

And when the chains fell to my feet,
and I finally felt release.
I realized I had always held the keys.

Poem by: Lillian Maaita (MW Guest)

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