10 Tips That Will Help You Make the Most of Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramaḍān is right around the corner. Below, are some practical tips designed to help you make the most of this blessed month.

1. Invite a non-Muslim friend around for ifṭār.

Attempt to break down barriers, and clear misconceptions – use it as a form of da‘wah.

2. Read a translation of the Qurʾān.

Don’t let the words pour over you; these words are familiar to your heart. Reconnect. [Qurʾān]

3. Volunteer a few days at your local Mosque.

Help with ifṭāror suḥūr, help clean up by vacuuming, or even changing a light bulb. Be of service.

4. Put your phone down.

You don’t always need to be tweeting, or messaging your mates. This time is precious use it wisely.

5. Learn something new.

It can be anything; a āyah, a ḥādīth, a sunnah, anything that’s beneficial to your dīn.

6. Calculate your debt to the Divine.

We’ve all missed a ṣalāh at some time, calculate how many, make a firm intention and start making them up now.

7. Reward your kids for fasting.

Give them sweets, not money – attribute the sweetness of dīn with Ramaḍān, not dunyā.

8. Think twice.

If you can’t or don’t do it during Ramaḍān, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Let this month be a month of rectifying.

9. Eat like the Prophet (ﷺ).

Eat from what is in front of you, with 3 fingers, in small bites, and whilst seated on the floor. [Manners of Eating]

10. Don’t sleep after Fajr.

Do dhikr until sunrise. Welcome in the new dawn by reciting the names of Allāh. Try to pray Ishraq! [Duha/Ishraq]

In Ramaḍān you reap what you sow, sometimes even more. The question is how much are you prepared to put in?

And Allāh alone knows best.

By: @kam_shaheen (MW Contributor)

For more, visit Kam’s personal blog: theconsciousmuslim.tumblr.com

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