Ramadan through the Eyes of an 8 Year Old

As told by Kay (my daughter), typed up by me.

On Saturday, June 20th, I was fasting. It was pretty hard because the day felt like it was taking forever. Every minute felt like it was an hour.

I wanted to fast because I was excited that Ramadan was finally here. But, I didn’t realize how long the day was going to be. Even though I felt hungry, I wanted to keep going. I tried many things to distract me, so I wouldn’t feel hungry. The things I did were: I watched some TV, I rested a little bit, I sat outside for a few minutes and I did a word search puzzle.

I also prayed. Once you’re in Ramadan, you have to pray to keep your fast. I think that’s correct.

The reason why I like Ramadan is because the Shaytaan is locked away. Once the Shaytaan is here, he blocks you away from Allah so you’re not that close to Allah. But once Ramadan comes, you get more close to Allah. That’s why I like Ramadan.

At the end of the day, I only had 40 minutes left to fast. But, I couldn’t wait because I was too hungry. So, I ate two dates and then I felt a little better. Last Ramadan, I fasted 3 full fasts; this year, I want to beat my record from last year. Next time when I fast, I’ll try to keep a full fast and break my record. I hope I can do it, but I have to practice and try.

By: @mir_mah2 (MW Contributor)

Kay is 8 years old and is finishing 2nd grade. She loves cats, My Little Pony, baking and learning about Islam. She’s a great daughter to her parents. Miriam is a full time mother, wife and paralegal residing in New York City. Her writing stems from her experiences in this thing called life.

16 thoughts on “Ramadan through the Eyes of an 8 Year Old”

  1. Very inspiring masha ALlah.
    Reading this post made me remember how my parents taught their kids to fast, since age 6. You’re a great mother too, taught your little kid about Islam since a very young age.

    May Allah grant you both more blessing.

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