Am I Supposed to Keep Everything to Myself Now?!

I’ve been on a Twitter break these last few days and the urge to use it hasn’t been because I want to read what others are talking about, but because I have no outlet for my own random thoughts. Is that sad? Vain? I don’t know. But it’s just like, “Am I supposed to keep everything to myself now?!”, even though that’s what normal people do. It is strange that sometimes I feel the need to share certain thoughts in some form, yet I don’t think it necessary to just say out loud. I mean what’s the point of putting them “out there” at all?

When I got such urges to share what I’m thinking, I reminded myself that I am neither important enough, nor have a following large enough to make my thoughts worthy of being shared. Shouting into my echo chamber* won’t change the world and similarly my tweets, my thoughts, won’t have much of an influence on my followers. They can do without my thoughts just fine.

I am not discrediting anyone who tries to use social media in a positive way, whether that is for Islam, social justice or anything else. I’m just saying that I’m not that important and my words alone don’t hold much weight.

In light of my blog ‘Ramadan Reality Check’ being featured on Freshly Pressed (Pretty cool, eh? Can I start calling myself a “blogger” now? Shall I put it on my CV?) and the exposure that the blog has received, I wanted to say my thoughts on my tweets also apply to my blogs.

I’m probably the only contributor on here without a bio under their name and that’s because I find it hard to describe myself. Maybe that says more about me than I should be sharing! But consider the following a “bio” as well as a disclaimer:

I am just a twenty-something year old undergrad from England. I am not part of any formal Islamic education programme. I am still figuring out “who I am” and “what I want to do” and while I do that I’d just like to share my reflections and experiences in life (probably/especially) from an Islamic perspective.

It is almost impossible that whatever I write about on here is:

a) so original that no one else, in some corner of the web, hasn’t written about it already and

b) that I’m the most knowledgeable in whatever topic I choose to write about. In fact I’m most likely to be the least knowledgeable on most things but at the end of the day if I’m writing something based on my own personal experience it may be hard to compare that to someone else’s writing.

Oh, and I’m not that great at writing. I mean I re-read that featured blog and it really isn’t that well written. But despite that it has 200+ likes, a number of reblogs and people have left me some lovely comments. That’s a reminder that Allah guides who He wants and how He wants. If someone can take any good from my words then Alhamdulillah! And if I make a mistake, then first have a go at Nader for posting the blog without noticing :p , then feel free to correct me.

And despite talking myself down, I hope you still read my posts…I mean I’ll still write for you even if they’re not that great! LOL. And I thank you for taking your time to read my posts 😀

*I don’t really know if I’ve used the phrase “echo chamber” correctly.

By: @Yellow_Lellow (MW Contributor)



11 thoughts on “Am I Supposed to Keep Everything to Myself Now?!”

  1. First of all, excuse my english please.. I’m not a native speacker.

    let me say somthing, you may not realise how much strong feelings came to someone like me by reading about my religion in a foreign language such english; our religion is deeply misinterstood … We must change it, at least try to change it by actions, words, initiatives programmes and help this random world to live in peace.

    Do your best and keep the good will.

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  2. Assalumalaikum. I think if you write, and your purpose is to affect even one person positively or even if you unintentionally brighten someones day, its better than never having created anything right. 🙂 We are all in the same boat as you, hoping to give meaning to our words. Keep it up! Im rooting for you. Also, Ramadan Kareem.


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  3. YOU are original so no matter who else may have written about the topic, nobody can write it like you or from your perspective. As for being the MOST knowledgeable about any topic, it doesn’t matter. You ARE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE about what you are writing about – YOUR perspective, YOUR experience, YOUR views and feelings. Nobody else in the world can have them the way you do. I’m 47 and still trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do. I’m almost at the point in my life when my kids are grown (still have one at home but mostly independent) and I can focus on me and what I want from life. I believe things happen the way they are meant to when they are meant to no matter how much we may try to coax them earlier. As you said Allah guides who He will as HE will. The point is not to be critical of yourself or your writing but to be amazed that you were chosen to be the one for all of us to find at the moment we did. Don’t question it, just ask how you can continue to be that tool to bring others closer to whatever God or Higher Power they may believe in. I feel your post resonated across all religions and beliefs and that is why it touched so many. Enjoy your newfound popularity and make the best use of it and never forget that the importance does not lie with you but with Allah.

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    1. I’m definitely amazed by it!

      But with increased popularity comes increased responsibility and that’s the scary bit. As much as I’d love to be the that tool, I also fear hypocrisy and a lack of sincerity in my intentions. But inshaAllah it’ll be ok 🙂

      I think the best thing to come from this exposure is being able to come across wonderful people like you, thanks for sticking around and the words of support.

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      1. You don’t have to worry about humans judging your intentions or hypocrisy. Only Allah knows what is in your heart and only He is worthy to judge us all. Keep your intentions pure and pray on it before you write and ask for guidance to keep you path as straight as any of us imperfect humans can stay. I enjoy reading what you right and I find honesty to be a wonderful quality even if it may make you seem less worthy. We all struggle everyday with many things and seeing others struggle too makes it seem a bit less hard and that we don’t all have to strive for perfection but continued growth and learning. When we know better, we do better and only after knowing better can we be judged for not doing better. 😉

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