Refugees Lullaby – Washing Ashore Was Our Humanity

I used to write poetry to clear my mind. I haven’t done it in a very long time. After a hiatus – I wrote what I felt is a piece living the last few days, and tried to share some of the emotions of what it mean for me to be a refugee, living in a generation of struggling to overcome our cultural dichotomy. I hope it speaks to you, too.

Refugees Lullaby – Washing Ashore Was Our Humanity

Washed ashore was our humanity
Hearts broken, lives stolen, that little one couldn’t tell us about the insanity
The words continue to describe the indescribable forms of inhumanity
Three hundred thousand. Three hundred thousand. Wiped off, finished, in the most extreme types of savage brutality

Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik
Humanity washed ashore to wake us with a brick

Ripped to shreds our emotions bled, over the cause of the hungry while we stay fed
How long will the world listen to that political banter with so many… dead.
What more can be said? How little has it bred?
How dare anyone politicize the loss of even ONE soul with talking points: he said, she said.

They call us “generation helpless”
Are we? You don’t know us we’re relentless
We survived on the borders of The Kush defenseless
We lived through the wars of Serbs in vengeance
We struggled through the Soviet-Russian, American, British onslaught in persistence
We survived the cold waters of seas, oceans, & swam through the apathy of bigoted unaccaptance.

We’re not bystanders
We have the hearts of tigers, lions, even if some call us Ausländers

Resilience is a mind game, Patience is a hearts deception,
& we will never relent until we have God’s acceptance.

We face
Apartheid in Moses’s Name
Genocide in suits, in people’s mind apparently changes the game
It was a bad lullaby baby… I’m sorry but the refugee lullaby is still the same:

CAR, Burma, Syria, Albania, Afghanistan
Iraq, Yemen, Chechnya, Kashmir, & Sudan

Palestine. O Palestine
Who can forget? EVERY year the Zionists always remind!

Washed ashore was our humanity
We can’t allow us to drown in our own apathy
What the world needs? Simple. Reflect. Internalize. Just some human empathy

We need to struggle for our survival
Our humanity is in need of desperate revival.
Trust me no one will stand over our grave if our souls die in denial
They don’t need us we need them, remember that well don’t feel entitled.

“If you can’t imagine yourself in one of those boats, you have something missing.
They are dying for a life worth living.”

Loving your fellow man to just reach out in time
I promise you that if you had any sense of faith in your beliefs you’d never justify ONE innocent death in a crime.
Sacrifice on our part has to be made, giving as much as we can, it’s only but a reflection of our souls worth – or are we not even worth a dime?

The baby boys
His name was Aylan – not alien or migrant
Ghalib was his brother in arms, Rehan their loving mother – say their names in respect don’t be another one of their tyrants

Washed ashore was our humanity
Rest in paradise, waiting for your family.
In God’s mercy – you helped revive a part of our humanity.

Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik

Poem by: @ahasnoor (MW Contributor)

6 thoughts on “Refugees Lullaby – Washing Ashore Was Our Humanity”

  1. Indeed humanity has been washed long before ,Sigh! We are so busy in running round and round with in our own self created bubble,we donot realize this until something bad happens to us , I hope people open up their eyes before its too late!


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