Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

Much has been said about Ahmed Mohamed. Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of him by now. You know, the skinny yet dangerous Muslim teenager who was arrested in front of his peers while wearing a NASA t-shirt for building and bringing a homemade clock to school to impress his teacher.

Yes, him. For the most part, he has received a ton of support, which is wonderful, but I can’t help but notice some people and their arguments for supporting the school’s decision and the police’s actions. I’m sorry, but it’s annoying. What some cease to realize is that the collective show of support for Ahmed is what makes us human. It’s that compassion we all feel deep down. That empathy, placing ourselves in his shoes. It really made me happy to see so many support a young Muslim kid.

Recently on Twitter, I saw the hashtag #HalfABomb. Some people are actually saying, “Sure, it’s not a bomb, but it’s half a bomb”. Are you serious? Some people just won’t let it go. I’d say the missing bomb part is pretty crucial in all this. The fact that the teenager was interrogated by multiple officers and not allowed to call his parents just screams discrimination. Why did they think they would be able to get away with it? Was it because his name was Ahmed Muhammad? Was he guilty until proven innocent because of his Muslim name? OMG and he’s black! That makes it OK now? What if his name was Mark or John and had blonde hair and blue eyes? Can you see officers interrogating him? Do you think that if Mark or John walked into the room where the officers were waiting, one of them would say, “That’s who I thought it was.”? No? Well, that’s what they said to Ahmed.

We now have folks like Richard Dawkins questioning Ahmed’s motives, calling them “mysterious”. LOL OK Mr. rational thinker. I even got into a spat on Twitter with someone parsing Ahmed’s words. No, really. He was upset by the fact that Ahmed called his clock an “invention”. He argued that a clock exists already, so Ahmed lied, and tricked everyone into feeling sorry for him. NO WAY, A CLOCK EXISTS? I mean, really dude? To a 14 year old, what he or she builds or assembles with his or her own hands is an invention. People were not fooled by Ahmed. The reason he is getting so much support is because he was clearly discriminated against based upon his very Muslim name and dark complexion. Most people poured their hearts out in the form of encouraging words so as to not stifle the young mind, not because they were fooled or tricked by him. To see grown men and women question Ahmed’s motives while giving a pass to the blatant discrimination Ahmed faced is pathetic!

Thinking it is OK to pick on someone simply because he or she is a Muslim and/or black has to stop, and Ahmed’s experience, and the support he received from around the globe from all walks of life tells me, it has. The good people of the world have spoken and collectively stand with Ahmed.

By: @BonsaiSky (MW Admin)

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