Let Go

Just TWO WORDS, but their IMPACT on life will tear you apart from the inside-out. And I just learned this the hard way i.e. by losing some of my beloved friends. I know you’re probably thinking ‘friends’ can “come & go”.

But I’ll share my painful experience of life through one of my favourite quotations i.e.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” 

~ Bob Marley

The “intensity” of this quote is simply a “mirror-image” of my decision, which I took in the past, and in-return, caused me a lot of pain and damaged me from inside, eternally.

But since I’m a bookworm, I was quite aware of this fact, which I’ve read many times. There are things in life we don’t want to happen … but have to accept … things we don’t want to know … but have to learn … and people we can’t live without … but have to LET GO.

But the enactment of lines changed my whole life’s perspective.

And I won’t say it’s easy to do so, but I have a firm belief in God that every single thing that happens in our lives is just God’s way of re-directing us towards the “right path” (actual-destination) to which we all actually belong. God has amazing ways to make us all realize that without Him, “We have nothing.” And by being with Him “We have everything.”

So, in-short life is a journey of ups and downs, and sometimes it’s full of happiness and sometimes it’s full of grief. As life is of two days i.e. when it’s full of happiness, be grateful to God and thank Him. And when life is full of grief, be patient and seek His help. So, JUST MOVE with the FLOW OF LIFE and LET GO because sometimes “LETTING GO” is the cure for pain, which resides inside every one of us.

By: @AyeshaShoukat99 (MW Contributor)

5 thoughts on “Let Go”

  1. This is very accurately defined feelings and ofcourse the conclusion of what we feel relates eventually to the decision that we have to accept what is already written by our Lord. Well done (y)

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