The Power of Thoughts – Why You Are What You Think!

Thoughts can be powerful in fact so powerful that they create the world around us. What we focus on and think about most is attracted towards us i.e. the law of attraction holds true universally. Like attracts like and we are all akin to transmission tower that transmits different frequencies that reach beyond cities, countries into the universe. The pictures we receive from the transmission are not shown over the television screen – they are the pictures of our life.

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Too Young to Kill?

Connecting with children through nature has become somewhat of a myth. In fact, the entire definition of ‘connecting’ has changed in the modern era. In the face of technological abundance, why hand your child a flower when you can hand over an iPad with Google images bringing forth far more than you ever could? It’s phenomenal – a simple search may produce images that you may never witness first hand. Rather, images which you never feel the need to witness first hand. The scent of these flowers, one can only hypothesise. No wonder it is theorised that the coming generation will, for the first time in history, die younger than their predecessors. Experience the world, but don’t move a muscle. Our children know everything about the planet, everything about the ecosystem and its integral role amongst our forests – yet so few are venturing out there. Die, adventure, die.

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