Why Old Is Gold

“I took Uncle to the auto shop for the job. When the guy looked at him, he said Uncle’s too old and he can’t work. I don’t know why people underestimate him. He didn’t even try, just judged him right away”.

I got this text from my husband last week who was assisting his Uncle find a job here in New York. His uncle had just emigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan, and he wanted to find a job as a mechanic. When my husband took his Uncle to introduce him to someone he knows regarding a job, this scenario occurred.

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BUSTED: Why Men NEED Four Women!

I would give anything to see the look on your face right now LOL. I can just imagine most women’s horrified gasps at the controversial title, and of course all the smirks from men, too. I realize the ‘multiple marriage’ thing drives some people up the roof, but that’s a debate I can win later. (No, wait a second, I promised myself not to engage in debates, so never mind, you win!).

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Why Can’t I Get Married?

Boy, did I ask this question a lot. A LOT. It took me nearly 7 years of searching before I finally had success. In fact, I’m confident that my sole purpose for attending university was to get married. There should be a national university league for ‘Marriage Opportunities’. My university would be last – because it was appallingly inept at hooking me up. I also lived in a very closed circle with fairly limited options. They were so limited that I was being suggested girls for a third or fourth time by the so-called ‘Rishta Aunties’. Bless them, constantly looking at young ones like fresh meat, psycho-analysing personality traits and linking them up just like that.

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