Conversion Story

Are you a convert (fine, revert) to Islam? Would you like to tell your story? If so, please fill out the form below. Your story may be published and featured on the site!

What happens after I submit my post?

1. Approval. I read each and every submission. If I choose to publish your post, I will place your Twitter username at the bottom of the post linking to your Twitter page. A tweet will also be published from the @MuslimWordsBlog Twitter account announcing the new post.

2. Right to edit. As the administrator, I reserve the right to make edits where necessary. I will not focus on the content, but rather, the grammar and sentence structure of the post. I may also choose to edit your title for effectiveness. I will provide the feature image that goes along with your post submission. My intent is not to give your submission a facelift. I want you to tell your own story.

3. Right to decline. In short, not every post will be published. I receive a lot of emails and submissions, but if yours stands out, then there’s a pretty good chance it will be. Don’t let that discourage you. Share your story!

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