BUSTED: Why Men NEED Four Women!

I would give anything to see the look on your face right now LOL. I can just imagine most women’s horrified gasps at the controversial title, and of course all the smirks from men, too. I realize the ‘multiple marriage’ thing drives some people up the roof, but that’s a debate I can win later. (No, wait a second, I promised myself not to engage in debates, so never mind, you win!).

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Wait! Why Wasn’t I in Your Dream?

Me: Can I tell you about my dream? It was about you guys.
*relates dream*
Me: I feel like I should apologise for dreaming about you lol
(It wasn’t a dodgy dream, I just don’t know the people particularly well)
X: You have no control over your subconscious, it’s fine.
Y: You should apologise to me, I’m offended I wasn’t even in your dream
Me: You’re not worthy enough to be in my dreams

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