Death Leads a Young Mind to Old Questions

“I guess the birds went to heaven” Kay said as we walked to the store. “I guess…” I said, not really knowing how to answer that. Three birds had built a nest underneath an apartment air conditioner in our building, but the bird and its eggs fell out, three stories down, killing them instantly. The dead birds were laying there on the ground, and I could tell it bothered Kay a little bit. My sister picked up the birds and we tossed them away.

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Tricky Questions

Today Six-year-old asked me why Allah made some people Muslim and some people not Muslim.

She had recently learned that her beloved Grandma isn’t Muslim, and she was struggling to get her head round it. She actually spent the last few days of my mother’s visit giving six-year-old dawah. “Ugh, silly Grandma, God doesn’t have a son, God’s not human!”

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