Sincere Marriage Advice

Some of those who are familiar with my YouTube channel may know this story already, but I’m going to tell it again because every time I think about it, I start laughing.

So, it was a few months before my marriage and I was working at a private Islamic school as a history teacher.

School was just let out and the kids were heading back home. The teachers usually met in the teacher’s lounge to chill and talk about their day. We did just that. There was an Egyptian sheikh who taught Qur’an at the school. He was an older brother. He pulled me off to the side while we were chatting. I had a ton of respect for him and the knowledge he possessed.

He asked me, “I hear you are getting married?” I replied in the affirmative. He took me by the hand and led me to the school cafeteria. He said he wanted to give me some sincere advice. Of course, I went willingly.

He told me that the words he is about to relate to me are VERY important and I should take heed if I want a successful marriage. I was like, “He’s about to drop some knowledge on me!” Of course, I didn’t say that out loud, but I was sure thinking it.

He told me that I have to remember that I am the man of the house. I was like, “Yes, shiekh”.

He said, “You will be the protector and maintainer of your wife”. I was like, “Yes, shiekh”. I lowered my head in humility whilst reflecting upon the great responsibility about to come my way.

He told me that I have to remember that I have the final say in the home because I am the man. I was like, “Yes, shiekh”.

He then asked me a question. He said, “and do you know what that final say is?” I was like, “What shiekh?”

He said, “YES, MA’AM”.

Last thing I remember seeing, was an old man with a big grey beard laughing at me. I was like, “I just got punked by an 70-year-old Egyptian shiekh!”

Needless to say, his advice was crystal, and it still works like a charm – if charms were halal. 🙂

By: Nader

14 thoughts on “Sincere Marriage Advice”

  1. I am hoping to get married soon, and this advice might really solve most of the problems that I might encounter while being married.


  2. LOL, i’ve read this story before in ur tweet (long time ago:p). and tht’s makes me follow u for the first place. coz u’re so so so so hilarious
    keep beautiful da’wah nader. Allah bless u and ur family
    hope can see u tho ;)))


  3. Mash’Allah. I really enjoyed reading this story. And yes that small piece of advice, said in two words, does’ summarize in a nutshell ‘the marriage life!’ Lol.


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