Conceal Your Anguish, Dear Heart!

Oh my heart! Grieve not.
Alone they departed and forsook us.
Probably ’cause you sniveled for light.
Detested your transformation, I surmise.
Or are they content in the empty attainment of this life?
Wondering with lashes moist,

Why, Oh Most Merciful, have You separated our path?
For me the answer is inscrutable, I am fully aware.
The Comforter says to me: endure the pain.

Friends, companions and lovers,
Come and go.
True are those
Who’ll lounge with us
On the lavender silk cushion and repose.
Obviously in the perpetual abode.
Smiling and laughing together,
Relishing the sweetest of all rivers.
How fortunate are the folks of that life!

They will be lost in the resplendent divinity
Of the Lord of mankind.
Perfect is that gladness which is yet to arrive.
So conceal your anguish, Dear heart!
Together we shall wait for our true home and strive.

Poem by: @nemrah_ (MW Guest)

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