As I wonder looking at waves
Caressed by the breeze
On the rolling fluid sea surface
Observant of a disease
Oft did leave the Thinkers to graves

You see the same sight
Behold, a horizon meeting your eye
And you wonder aight
Same as my soul, for we’re of a sort
Then I fascinate tonight

Of your convergent gaze at cosmic lamps
Picking ones quite intimate
Skipping sinister starless spots blank
Drawing up a novel ultimate’
Sighing and concealing broken stamps

Then I watch you observe
Feathered fluttering friends flower-to-flower
A pair of scaly wings a’drift
Time flows like a steady brook hour-to-hour
All recorded in an infinite oeuvre

You move on to your desk and throne
Touch your pens and pages
Words you bled and ink that you spilt
Breaking free from your cages
Liberal; I pray that you’ve always known

Nights when you’re afraid
To close your eyes and mind and stare
At dreams terrifying
But the trick you see, is to be aware
All the gloom will fade

Heart and soul, brutally beaten blue
Thought we did when, oh when
Will it ever be time for Phoenix’ rebirth
I seemed to ace this race; then
You’ll need to follow, love, this is cue

We couldn’t share a roof
In this life, short and with much trial
We fell, rose; falling, rising
There’s a book I know, not denial
And the only living proof

The only proof, I can give to you; is myself
I sought only peace and bliss
I found a sound heart and deeper comprehension
This, I can only tell you this
Find me please, seek for a Truth within yourself

‘Cause I know, that you know
Even a few words and that you might reflect
At one of the best metaphors
And one last thing I wanted to share; cannot neglect
Is of the marble crystals below

I find twinkles at my feet and in prostration
Smile at that wonder of the Lord
Of everything, mankind, beasts and the unseen
In His merciful words and chord
Has this withered spirit found salvation

Lastly, for all divine I could perceive
It has been said, that when all is judged and over
The citizens of Eden will live content
But to be with you in that greatest promised Forever
You’ll only have to Believe, to Believe

Poem submitted by @BerryNumey (MW Guest)

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